About Tony Vespa

This is the story about Tony Vespa. It all started in 2007, following a chance visit to a neighborhood pizzeria in the Trastevere district in Rome. We fell in love with the local pizza and decided that we must open a pizzeria like that in Israel.

In order to study all the finest points of making the pizza, and especially the guarded secret of the pizza dough recipe, chef Leon Alkalai went to Italy and returned with all the wonderful tastes and the highest quality ingredients

The first Tony Vespa branch opened in 2007 in the northern part of Dizengoff Street in Tel Aviv, and from then till today, the pizza chain has changed everything that Tel Aviv knew about pizzas.

Today the chain includes four branches (Rothschild, HaArba'a, and Allenby in Tel Aviv and the Herzliya branch), and serves on average about 600 customers in each branch, every day.

The branches are open almost every day of the year till the latest hours of the night. Tony Vespa Pizza is expected to expand into additional cities in Israel.

Lately, the Best Pizza in Tel Aviv offers a Pizza Delivery Service. For pizza delivery in Tel Aviv, one can order from the HaArba'a branch, while in Herzliya you can order from the Shenkar branch in Herzliya.

Tony Vespa Pizza has about 18 kinds of Pizza that change, and come out of the ovens continuously throughout the day and night. We make these pizzas from the finest ingredients imported from Italy, and among the toppings you will find portabella, artichoke pizza, bacon pizza, sweet potato and mozzarella pizza, vegetarian pizza and more. At our place, you don’t eat slices or a fixed size portion. You choose the size of the piece, and the price is determined by its weight.

Apart from its excellent pizzas, the chain is known for its employees and the wild vibe that characterizes it. We employ around 150 of the city’s youngsters at our various branches. During the years, the branches transformed into centers of entertainment for youngsters and they are adorned with artful wall paintings and murals.

The Tony Vespa chain was established by Tal Stern (Taqueria, Magazzino), chef Leon Alkalai and veteran restaurant owners Yoram and Ari Yarzin as part of the Yarzin Group, which includes the restaurants of Zozobra (Asian), Cafe Italia and Magazzino (Italian) and Taqueria (Mexican).

Hungry? Order now from the branch nearest you.

HaArba'a branch, Tel Aviv

Shenkar branch, Herzliya Pituach